Garmin DK Women’s Camp presented by Salsa Cycles

September 19-22, 2019

It’s time for you to make a move. Putting yourself first is a hard choice, but if riding is something you love and want to get better at, this camp is for YOU! We want to help you make the most of your time, so that putting yourself first doesn’t feel like putting others last. Sure, from time to time in your training, you will be picking you, but with an efficient training plan and some tips and tricks to planning and nutrition, you can improve your speed and manage your responsibilities. Join us for our second DK Women’s Camp!


What's Included

We know that a camp experience packed full of value is important. So, we created just that.

  • 3 Breakfast (Fri – Sun)
  • 3 Lunches (Fri – Sun)
  • 3 Dinners (Thu – Sat)
  • Entry into the DK 200 or 100 event distance.
  • Entry into the Bleeding Kansas Gravelduro event (completed as part of camp).
  • Opportunity to ride with some of the best women in the business
  • Premium DK items
  • Pro Mechanic support on and off the bike.
  • 3 training seminars exploring nutrition, training, and bicycle maintenance and service skills on and off the bike.
  • Amazing sponsor SWAG
  • Discounts at local merchants
  • 20% off the DK Spring Training Camp
  • Printed Itinerary Book
Schedule of Events
  • 2019 schedule – more details to come!
    • Thursday afternoon – FTP testing
    • Friday morning – one-on-one with coaches
    • Friday afternoon – riding
    • Saturday – Bleeding Kansas Grinduro event
    • Sunday – easy spin and departure
Camp Entry Fee
  • $1,500
  • Includes entry into either the DK200 or DK100, as well as the Bleeding Kansas Gravelduro. 
Route Info

The focus of this camp is to teach you the necessary skills to take your riding to a new level. This is a time to work with our expert coaches to learn how to establish goals and work to achieve them. Our daily routes will reflect this. As always, please send us an email if you have questions are would like more information.

What to Bring

1. Cycling computer or GPS device.  (To track your mileage & complete FTP test)

2. Red tail light.

3. Front light.

4. Minimum of two liters of water or sports drink.

5. Two spare inner tubes.

6. Air pump or inflation system.

7. A cell phone to contact the “outside world” should you need help.

ADDITIONAL Supplies You Should SERIOUSLY Consider:

1. A GPS system to communicate your exact location to support or rescue personnel in the event of an emergency.

2. Small rucksack / hydration pack

3. Waterproof / windproof jacket

4. Extra thermal top or warm layer

5. An emergency / survival blanket

6. Food – energy bars, gels, chocolate, etc.

7. Tire levers

8. Puncture repair kit

9. Chain tool

10. Allen wrench set

11. Spoke wrench

12. First aid kit

13. Chamois Butt’r

14. Chain lube

15. Cash, debit card or credit card. (To purchase food, water, supplies.)

16. Handlebar map case

17. Compass

Transportation & Lodging

Travel to Emporia and lodging in Emporia is up to you to figure out. We will provide transportation to the Bleeding Kansas Gravelduro event in Manhattan, KS.

Both the Kansas City Airport (MCI) and the Wichita Airport (ICT) are great fly-in options. We can assist athletes in coordinating with each other to share rides from airports as we get closer to camp. There will be an FTP test Thursday afternoon and if that is something you hope to do, plan to be ready to ride by 3pm on Thursday the 19th.

For lodging opportunities in Emporia, click here

Bike Shipping

Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. is the official adventure retailer of DK Promotions.

Ship your bike to Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. for professional assembly.  GCAS will assemble the bike as well as tune all parts to make sure you are prepared to succeed at camp. Assembly includes front and rear derailleur adjustment, wheel truing, brake adjustment, along with checking chain, cassette, and brake pads for wear.  GCAS will provide a complete package, so when you tackle the training rides, you do it without any mechanical difficulty.  Having a professional mechanic go through your bike can be the difference between a good and bad ride. Additionally, GCAS will professionally repack your bike for you and ship it. The training camp cost for build and repack is $100. (Shipping charge extra.)
Please ship your bike so it arrives AT LEAST three days before training camp starts- that way if a part is damaged in shipping there is time to order a replacement if necessary, and you won’t miss a minute of riding.  Gravel City Adventure & Supply Company is excited to help support DK training camp and is excited to see everyone.  GCAS: “Building community one adventure at a time.”
Cancelation Policy

The deposit of $375 for camp is non-refundable. Final payment will be collected 30 days prior to the first day of camp. The balance is non-refundable within 30 days of camp. Camp must be paid in full in order to receive entry into the event(s).

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