Our volunteers MAKE the Garmin DK one of the best gravel events on the planet – and you can be part of that team! Of course, the athletes appreciate you but we can’t do all we do without your generosity. We appreciate everyone who sets aside some hours to help make this event special for each rider. Click the button to join the DK team!

New for 2020, volunteers registering and working approved tasks actually qualify to skip the 2021 Garmin DK Lottery. Volunteers must register for specific tasks that state “This task is approved for people who would like to skip the 2021 lottery” in the description. They must work a minimum of 10 hours.

Volunteers who work 10+ hours for the approved tasks can also roll their hours over to someone else. You will need to email dkinfo@lt.life and provide your name, the recipients name, task worked, and total hours worked. Once approved, the recipient will receive an email for instructions to skip the lottery.

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