2018 Media Links


RBA image gallery

Tips with Amanda “Panda” Nauman

Ted King’s Winning Numbers

DK Expo

Yuri Hauswald DKXL

Rebecca Rusch Talks DK

New ENVE G-Series Wheels

Payson McElveen Talks DK

RBA Take on Salsa Chaise the Chase



Training Center: Building form for DIrty Kanza

Velonews images of the DK

King/Keough Survive to Take DK Crowns

Gallery of the Gravel

Salsa Chaise on the Course

Kabush at Kanza

Velonews show – Dirty Kanza

Yuri Hauswald’s DKXL

Gravel Dispatch – Dirty Kanza 200

Facing the Demons



DK 2018 Ted King, Kaitie Keough, Matt Acker, Rebecca Rusch

Trek Checkpoint for The Dirty Kanza

The Weird and the Wonderful

Specialized Diverge for Dirty Kanza

Enve Wheelset



CXMagazine Photo Essay

Sven Nys at the Dirty Kanza

DK200 Winners Report

Cannondale Ted King & Kaitie Keough

Women’s Race Report

Ian Matteson Gravel & Grit Photo Essay

Ian Tubb’s Improbable DK200



Tom Taylor – Duct tape and a Stick

The Gravel Boom Could Save Road Biking’s Soul

Gravel Rides are Saving Small Town America


Blog links/Race reports

Niner’s Amanda Nauman

Ted King’s DK Story

Gravel Guru

Alison Tetrick’s Race Report

How DK Changed My Life and Hopefully Others

Brooks England Report

ENVE – Team ENVE tackles Dirty Kanza

Giant – Going the Distance

#200Women200Miles – Pretty Damned Fast

SPANDX Embarks on the Dirty Kanza

Claudia Isabel Reyes-Todd

Petervary’s DKXL on the Powderkeg

7 Things I Wish I Knew

Wattie Ink Takes to The Dirt with TAP

Dirty Kanza Recap



Training, Fueling & Suffering at the DK




Roy Kranz –

RBA – Panda Tips –

RBA – Payson Tips –

Gravel Cyclist –

RBA – Rebecca Rusch Tips





PLP – What worked, what sucked

Cannondale –

RBA – Inside the DK

Older Press

Eric Benjamin | 6-13
Dirty Kanza 200 Slideshow

New York Times | 6-11-13
Neither Wind Nor Gravel Will Stop These Grinders

Velo News | 10-30-13
A Case for Suffering: The never-ending math equation (that is Dirty Kanza)

Dirt Rag Magazine | 6-4-13
Dirty Kanza 200: Dan Hughes and Rebecca Rusch repeat wins

Lawrence Journal World | 6-7-13
Lawrence cyclist wins DK200 again

Dirt Rag Magazine | 2011
The Dirty Kanza 200 video contest, brought to you by GoPro

XXC Magazine | 2010
Dirty Kanza Special Edition

Dirty Kanza 200 could offer a story for every mile…
Last year, Jon Billman, a freelancer for Mountain Bike Magazine got in a ride and a story, which we’re sharing here for those who missed it:

dkarticle  dkarticle2

Salsa Cycles Press Release.  Click on the link to read the Salsa Cycles press release announcing their sponsorship of The Dirty Kanza 200.

Corey “Cornbread” Godfrey penned an epic writeup on DK200 ’08 which would up in XXC magazine.

Cyclocross Magazine ran a feature on DK200 ’08, as well.

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