Pedaling Minds Youth Clinics


Hey Parents! While you pre-ride the course, visit the expo or take a nap in prep for Dirty Kanza, have your child participate in a level-appropriate, structured cycling safety and skills clinic with Pedaling Minds.

  • Riding/Safety Drills: 4 hours of instruction
  • Learning to Pedal: 1.5 hours of instruction

Pedaling Minds is excited to bring Youth Cycling Clinics to Dirty Kanza. Children will learn biking skills from world-class cyclists. We help children develop awareness, knowledge, and bike-handling ability to gain greater control as cyclists. Children work on these skills in a safe, supportive, and fun environment by doing skill-drills courses and hands-on activities.

The goal of these clinics is for each participant to become a better and safer bike rider in a fun, collaborative, safe environment where they will learn better control of the bicycle. Having “Control” is the #1 safety device that prevents accidents from happening. The clinics are designed for children of all riding levels, ages 5 – 11. There is a wide variety in kids’ riding levels determined by time and experience on their bicycles. Developing control over their bikes takes time. In 4 hours we will make as much impact as we can in terms of rider knowledge and skill. In these clinics we practice specific drills and skills to help your child understand areas they need to work on while gaining confidence to practice these drills and skills at home.

Even with good control, accidents can happen and that’s why the helmet is so important. A helmet is only a safety device that helps prevent injury. Riding with knowledge, awareness, and control increases your child’s overall safety and well-being.

Children will be assessed on their ability level and assigned to the appropriate ability-based group. Riders will be guided through level-appropriate exercises and demonstrations. We guarantee we will make your young cyclist a better, more knowledgeable, safer bike rider in a fun, supportive environment through our clinics and we are confident we can make a significant impact at any ability level.

For our more advanced/experienced riders, we know they can also lack in certain skills; anyone can improve, no matter how skilled. These riders will be put through a check list of various skills, exercises, and appropriate demonstrations. At the end of their training, the advanced/experienced riders will ride a mile long lap course as far as they can in a given time frame with a speedometer attached to their bike.


Wed: 12pm -1:30pm — Learning to Pedal (15)

Wed: 3pm – 7pm — Riding/Safety Drills (30)

Thurs: 8am – 12pm — Riding/Safety Drills (30)

Thurs: 3pm – 7pm — Riding/Safety Drills (30)
Fri: 8am – 12pm — Riding/Safety Drills (30)

Fri: 12:30pm – 2pm — Learning to Pedal (15)


  • Founder of Pedaling Minds and Olympian Mike Friedman
  • 4-time Tour de France rider Danny Pate
  • Riding instruction and STEAM support from National Renewable Energy Laboratory physicist Dr. Noemi Leick
  • Guest Instructor appearances: Taylor Phinney & Lachlan Morton — Past Pedaling Minds instructors and current Education First riders

Where:                                                              Cost:        
Emporia High School                                         $35.00: Riding/Safety Drills
3302 W 18th Ave                                               $25.00: Learning to Pedal

Emporia, KS  66801                                                                                       

Weather: In the event of bad weather conditions, we will be indoors focusing on bicycle-based STEAM program presentations / interactive / experiential platform inside the high school in an assembly-based format.

Pedaling Minds is a 501c3 based out of Boulder, Colorado. The program focuses on two main components: teaching kids control of their bicycle and teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) concepts through the bicycle. To learn more visit:

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