What’s YOUR Kanza – Laurie Steen

What’s YOUR Kanza – Laurie Steen

It’s not just about the racing, and in 2018. Laurie Steen came to Emporia to check out the festivities.

“I still get giddy knowing I was able to meet my hero, Rebecca Rusch, and take a picture. And if a pic with Reba wasn’t enough, a pic with Alison (Tetrick) and Yuri (Hauswald) to top it off!  You are correct, the atmosphere, vibe, gravel family, and the people of Emporia make for the most fantastic event!”

She enjoyed the 2018 Dirty Kanza enough to be inspired to race in 2019. Unfortunately, she’s been side lined by an injury. That’s not stopping her from Kanza though. She plans on returning just to be part of the weekend and the atmosphere –

“I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself back on the bike, spending my time on the road, and decided to go back to a little more off-road and join the gravel scene. I had to see what Dirty Kanza was all about, but was in no way ready to participate. Instead, I went to hang out at the Expo this past year and at least be part of the fun. In June/July of 2018, I started having neck pain again and chalked it up to sleeping wrong, riding, stress, etc., but nothing helped the pain. Call it stubbornness or denial, I just pretended it wasn’t there. Finally in November I couldn’t take it any more and went to see my neurosurgeon. The MRI shows the two levels above my current fusion have succumb to effects of my initial injury. On January 21st, I will have another neck surgery to fuse C3-C4, C4-C5, in addition to C5-C6. Recovery time just to return to work is 6 weeks. Recovery time to cycling in the Flint Hills…2020.  I love cycling, I love the people, I love the atmosphere our sport provides. My goal is to be on that start line in 2020!”

Join us for the 2019 Garmin Dirty Kanza – we’d love to show you the town, and have you enjoy the gravel family! And Laurie – best of luck for a 2020 start, we will be rooting for you!


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