Welcome Back

As promised we are ready, and extremely happy, to officially present our new site. No doubt if you have been perusing the website this past week you have seen some of these changes coming through. And while not every last page is quite ready (store coming soon), 99% of this website is fully functional. We hope you will find it easier to navigate and pleasing to the eye! (Major shout out to IM Design for their help in bringing new life to the website)

As for what you will find on our site there is much to bring to your attention. In an effort to not make this particular post a lengthy one I won’t go into detail about every single one. But, I will point out some new additions I think you should be aware of. And we will continue to release information over the next week to give you  more details on the new happenings. So, check back often as information will be coming in hot and heavy with just less than a month to go until registration opens! In the meantime, you can always click around the site and see for yourself what we are cooking up. And should you have any questions just click on the contact page and send us a note. We will get back with you pronto!

One thing in particular you should be reviewing is our Rider’s Bible. You will see multiple locations on this site where you can access the 2014 Rider’s Bible. Once opened, I encourage you to click on the share button and then download (and of course you can share on FB, Twitter, etc.). From there you can then print this document out. Would be good to have handy to reference should you need it. Newcomers and veterans alike will need to spend some time looking over this document. You will find new rule changes, updated schedules, and much more for 2014. As always, should you have any questions you know how to reach us.

The other ground breaking bit of info you need to know about is our training camp. You will find more information on the training camp page under info or by clicking on the training camp banner scrolling across the top of the page. I will talk more on this in another post, but all of the information is on the training camp page so check it out.

Once again, thank you so much for your patience. I know we went a little silent on everyone. But, we are back in action and couldn’t be more excited for an amazing 2014!

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All Life Time, Inc (Life Time) events and activities are subject to changes, alterations, and/or elimination in Life Time’s sole discretion as it evaluates and works to provide a safe event for all participants.