Tic Toc…

Only three weeks away from the 2009 running of The Dirty Kanza. Joel and I are busy making final preparations. We are absolutely giddy about the course we have in store for you this year. The new northern section is chock full of roller-coaster hills, panoramic vistas and picturesque native limestone structures. One small word of caution… In years past, checkpoints have come every 50 miles. This years course begins with a 61-mile leg, then a 40-ish second and third leg, then concludes with another 60+ mile long leg. That final leg is a doo-sey. No short-cut back to town. It’s 64 miles anyway you cut it. Be ready, particularly if we have the customary southwind that Kansas is known for. You have been warned.

See you Friday evening (May 29th) for registration.
Jim C.

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