The 34 of the DKXL

The 34 of the DKXL

Since announcing our newest addition to Dirty Kanza weekend, DKXL, we have received numerous inquiries as to who has been invited to ride DKXL in this inaugural year.  It is with great pride that we share this rider list publicly.  We are proud of our list of invitees.  More importantly, we are proud of each individual who makes up this list.  With so many folks as potential candidates, we looked for riders across the spectrum – fast or slow and steady… geared or single speed or fatbike… male or female… old or young.  We wanted folks who could finish in 24 hours and folks who will likely finish right before the 36-hour cut off.  We looked for candidates with the ability to provide us honest and critical feedback so we can improve the event before taking it public in 2019. Every name that appears below is excited for the opportunity to help us pilot DKXL in 2018, and provide input on how to structure the event for 2019 and beyond.  We hope that each of you will join us in celebrating their selection, and in supporting them with your thoughts and best wishes, as they join us in building this new adventure.

Matt Acker, Grand Rapids, MI

Ryan Balkenhol, Emporia, KS

Lyn Blubaugh, Madison, KS

Don Buttram, Lebanon, MO

Steve Cannon, Des Moines, IA

Jack Christian, Elk City, OK

Andrea Cohen, Iowa City, IA

Sarah Cooper, Urbandale, IA

Joe Fox, Parkville, MO

Steve Fuller, Des Moines, IA.

Jason Gaikowski, Kansas City, MO

Matt Gersib, Lincoln, NE

Corey Godfrey, Lincoln, NE

Yuri Hauswald, Petaluma, CA

Dan Hughes, Lawrence, KS

Nick Legan, Longmont, CO

Kristen Legan, Longmont, CO

Collin Little, Springfield, MO

Sean Mailen, Minneapolis, MN

John Mathias, Olathe, KS

Bailey Newbrey, Chicago, IL

Scott O’Mara, Emporia, KS

Shawn O’Mara, Emporia, KS

Jay Petervary, Victor, ID

Tracey Petervary, Victor, ID

Jim Phillips, Springfield, MO

Nickel Potter, Fayetteville, AR

Rebecca Rusch, Ketchum, ID

Gabbi Shelton, Stillwater, OK

Warran Wiebe, Lawrence, KS

Bobby Wintle, Stillwater, OK

Crystal Wintle, Stillwater, OK

Seth Wood, Stillwater, OK

Allison Zmuda, Chicago, IL


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