Know before you go! 

Please – this is important – if you are heading our way to support a rider at one of the official check point towns, you have a little bit of homework! It is you and your rider’s responsibility to know the rules of DK and to follow those rules. Having your rider disqualified because of something you have done is no bueno!

The full document to review can be found here.

Some key points:

  • Don’t go on course unless your rider is abandoning the race. Period.
  • Use highways and other roads to reach check point towns – stay off the gravel to ensure the safety of all riders.
  • 200 milers – official check points are at Alma and Council Grove (only place you are allowed to meet your rider).
  • 100 milers – official check point is Council Grove (only place you are allowed to meet your rider).
  • Alma and Council Grove check points open at 8:00am

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