#stashyourtrash at DKHQ!

#stashyourtrash at DKHQ!

Dirty Kanza HQ has just become the newest recycling center for GU wrappers. As part of GU Energy Labs #stashyourtrash campaign, they have partnered with Terracycle, which receives their waste and converts it into useful items like park benches! Because so many folks in the DK Community are using GU products we thought it only natural that we join in.

What this means for you is that when you leave for any group ride make sure to #stashyourtrash (make sure to throw away all your trash, but we can only accept GU wrappers for this program). Drop your emptied GU trash into our recycling bin. Also, take it up a notch and keep a bucket or bin at your own house. Keep all your GU trash and bring it down to DKHQ when it’s convenient for you. We will then send off the GU wrapper waste and Terracycle will do their part!

The good vibes don’t end there. For every shipment we send in we earn points. Those points can then be ‘cashed in’ as a charitable donation to a charity of our choosing. The more waste we send in, the more money we raise.

So get on board and #stashyourtrash!


This image shows acceptable GU waste. No containers please, just wrappers!

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