The spirit of GRAVEL

The spirit of GRAVEL

There are so many conversations circling this – what it the spirit of gravel? SOOO many words to share around this very topic, and the passion from us all can often gets the best of us, turning conversations into passionate, heated debate. There are a few things we know though – sharing gravel roads with friends, old and new, can be healing and uplifting. Grabbing a post-ride beverage after a hard, or not-so-hard effort, may very well help make the world a better place. A shared experience at a start line, whether it be a large, mass start or a local ride, can work magic on your soul.

Gravel is about community. Gravel is about friendship. Gravel is about inclusivity. And it is about family, and fun, and learning, and laughing, and making memories that last for as long as you wish. Its both about finding your deeper sense of “why” and your surface sense of camaraderie. And mostly, gravel is about getting the pedal strokes in, one after another, slow or fast, through the roads that have more history than we have years, and making it whatever the heck you want it to be.

Many years ago, Salsa Cycles joined us on our Dirty Kanza journey. This partner, one that gets “the spirit of gravel,” continues to listen and lead this “gravel” space and we are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them as our community grows and more folks find their way to cycling. So, what’s with this love letter from Dirty Kanza to Salsa Cycles? Well, Salsa just announced that the beloved Chaise Lounge is retiring. The Chaise has served as inspiration to thousands of gravel riders – “If you can make it to the Chaise, you can make it to the finish” has rang true over the past 2 years of gravelly goodness. We want to share a look back at the history of the Chaise, and reflect on the fact that Salsa is committed to celebrating gravel riding, on any and all bikes, of any and all rider – in the true spirit of gravel. Chapeau to all those that made the Chaise happen – on the bike and off the bike. Ya did good.


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