SAG. Yes, it’s a big deal!

SAG. Yes, it’s a big deal!

With Dirty Kanza weekend coming up (18 days til we send the riders off!), questions are rolling in about support crews and SAG. Feel free to share the DK SAG guide with your team. And remember – the Rider’s Bible has info in it you need to know – don’t show up unprepared. A few key things to keep in mind…

  1. You must have a way to get back to town if you are unable to finish your ride.
  2. Support crews should only be on course in the event they need to pick up a DNF rider.
  3. Cut off times will be enforced; please don’t harass our volunteers and staff for an exception if you are unable to make it by the cut off time.

If you want to show some extra love to your support crew folk, or even those loved ones at home who have put up and helped you with all your training, Gravel City Adventure & Supply will have some special hours to make shopping for a gift easy!

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