An Open Message To Our Friends and Followers

Yesterday, Saturday January 14th, was one of the days we look forward to all year… Dirty Kanza Registration Day.  A tremendous amount of hard work goes into preparing for this day.  It is a day that means a lot to us… and we recognize it is also a day that means a lot to many of you.  For that we are truly grateful.This is also a day that holds a bit of uncertainty.  Mostly centered around the question, “How quickly will DK sell out?”  The answer is different every year.  Last year surprised us all, with the entire event filling to capacity in under three hours.  Amazing! As quickly as that is, however, that is still enough time if one is sitting at the computer and ready for the 8:00am start time.  And that is the mindset we had as we approached yesterday morning.

So what happened?

At 8:01am, there was well over 2,500 of you logged on to our registration page.  Each of you vying for 2,000 spots.  So the reality is that registration was over before it even began.

Since then, we have been flooded with voicemail messages, emails, and FB posts.  All of you with legitimate complaints and concerns… and almost all of you extremely gracious, patient and understanding.  We began answering those inquiries at 8:30am, and did so until around 10:30pm.  We picked back up at 5:00am this morning.  So please believe me when I say we hear you… and we are working hard to do all we can to accommodate as many of you as possible.

For those of you who had the system enter and charge you twice… we have now identified each of you, and you will be receiving a refund for the duplicate charge.  Those duplicate event entries will then be made available.  We will then be using every tool and technique available to identify those who would have been “next in cue” to receive an entry.  You will be contacted and given an opportunity to register.  We will continue our efforts until every spot has been made available and every spot is filled.

In the meantime, please understand that we are humbled and honored by the fact that Dirty Kanza means so much to so many of you.  We will continue our efforts to earn your trust… and will remain committed to continually improve as we seek to serve the cycling community.

Thank you for your support.

The Dirty Kanza Promotions Team

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