Official 2014 Course Maps Are Here…

Official 2014 Dirty Kanza 200 and Dirty Kanza Half Pint course maps are completed, and can be found below.  We will also provide riders with hard copies of these maps at the event, printed on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper.  If riders want a small version of the map to fit into a map case or jersey pocket, they will have to use the files below to print them for themselves.  Feel free to reduce (or enlarge) to your heart’s content.

We are currently working to wrap up the cue sheets.  Keep watching this site, as we hope to post those within the next few days.

Basically, the 2014 course is pretty much the same as what we ran in 2013.  However, the locations of the Checkpoints in Cassoday and Cottonwood Falls have changed slightly.  Here is specific information on the location of all three Checkpoints.  Share this information with your Support Crews so they can find the Checkpoints.  NOTE…  We will NOT provide driving maps to direct Support Crews from checkpoint to checkpoint.  The information that follows is provided so your Support Crew personnel can prepare before-hand how they intend to navigate on the day of the event.  IMPORTANT REMINDER: Support Crews are not allowed on course, unless it is to pick up a rider abandoning the event.  If your Support  Crew is found on course, you will immediately be disqualified from the event… NO EXCEPTIONS.

Checkpoint 1 – Madison, KS – Mile 50.8

Checkpoint 1 will be located in the middle of the intersection of Main  Street and 3rd Street, in downtown Madison, Kansas.  Reference the address of 303 Main Street, Madison, KS 66860 if you are using a navigational website such as  GPS coordinates are Lat: 38* 8′ 15″ North  /  Long: 96* 8′ 10″ West.  Cut-Off time for Checkpoint 1 is 11:30am.

Checkpoint 2 – Cassoday, KS – Mile 99.5

Checkpoint 2 will be located at the very south edge of Cassoday, Kansas.  Look for the small water tower and the old abandoned high school building.  Reference the address of 612 S. Washington  Street, Cassoday, KS 66842 if you are using a navigational website such as  GPS coordinates are Lat: 38* 1′ 59″ North  /  Long: 96* 38′ 21″ West.  Cut-Off time for Checkpoint 2 is 4:30pm.

Checkpoint 3 – Cottonwood Falls, KS – Mile 151.4

Checkpoint 3 will be located in the 100 block of Broadway Street, in downtown Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.  Reference the address of 100 Broadway Street, Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845 if you are using a navigational website such as  GPS coordinates are Lat: 38* 22′ 28″ North  /  Long: 96* 32′ 30″ West.  Cut-Off time for Checkpoint 3 is 10:00pm.  NOTE:  Cottonwood Falls also serves as the only Checkpoint for Dirty Kanza Half Pint. (Mile 60)

Start / Finish – Emporia, KS

The start and finish will once again be located in front of the historic Granada Theatre in downtown Emporia, KS.  The address is 807 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS 66801.  GPS coordinates are Lat: 38* 24′ 28″ North  /  Long: 96* 10′ 49″ West.   Cut-Off time for the finish line is 3:00am, Sunday.

Dirty Kanza Half Pint – Leg 1:  DK Map-2014_HP-Leg1

Dirty Kanza Half Pint – Leg 2:  DK Map-2014_HP-Leg2

Dirty Kanza 200 – Leg 1:  DK Map-2014-Leg1

Dirty Kanza 200 – Leg 2:  DK Map-2014-Leg2

Dirty Kanza 200 – Leg 3:  DK Map-2014-Leg3

Dirty Kanza 200 – Leg 4:  DK Map-2014-Leg4

Dirty Kanza Lite Fun Ride: DK MAP-2012-DK-Lite

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