minor rule addendum from the dk headquarters

rule # 8 sentence #2 . ” these checkpoints will be the only locations along the entire course where participants may receive assistance from their support crew.” this is the addendum , “assistance will be limited to minor mechanical support to help riders complete the race. you must finish the race on the bike you started with.you will not be allowed road race style handups of food & water.”

the original rule was meant as a way for family’s to enjoy the race together. people have turned it into much more than we intended. so we decided to turn things back towards the original intent of this rule. this race is a adventure in the beautiful flint hills of kansas not a road race.we plan for plenty of spots to get food & water .so the idea food & water handups goes against the spirit of this style of race.

we are working on a poker run with prizes for the support crews. that should be good times. we want to make this race as friendly as possible . but in the end there is 200 hard miles you have to ride!

big grin…joel dyke

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