Maps, Cue Sheets, & GPS

Hello there!

We thought it would be more convenient if all of this items were placed in 1 post so you don’t have to go searching around the site for them. We have also made an update to the cue sheets as it was being reported that the watermarks were causing problems for some. Again, the only changes made were to the cue sheets and it was purely a cosmetic change! Enjoy!!


DK 200 Leg 1

DK 200 Leg 2

DK 200 Leg 3

DK 200 Leg 4

Half Pint 100 Leg 1

Half Pint 100 Leg 2

DK Lite 20/50 Fun Ride

Area Highway Map

Cue Sheets

DK 200

Half Pint 100


DK 200

Half Pint 100

DK Lite 50

DK Lite 20


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