Know the Rules: Part II

Know the Rules: Part II

In an effort to continue updating all participants on the changes for 2017 and the rules that help make the race safe and enjoyable for all, we bring you part 2 in our “Know the Rules” series (View part 1 here if you missed it!). Gravel grinding was born out of a sense of adventure. A desire to explore new roads, see new sights, and do so with a community of like minded individuals. Even though the discipline has grown and competition has increased, that spirit of adventure remains and is the core of what Dirty Kanza is. It is a self-supported, self-guided journey through a remote, rugged, and absolutely stunning landscape. It is an ideal testing ground to prove our mettle and see if we can find the sense of adventure that was once common place to the pioneers who once called this place home (and ranchers that still do!). It is for that reason we remind everyone of the following:


Number 1.   The EVENT SPONSORS, ORGANIZERS, PROMOTERS, STAFF and anyone having anything to do with this event ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY OR WELL BEING. We cannot stress this strongly enough…YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

Number 3.   Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can be accepted for participants becoming lost, stranded, injured….or worse. 

Number 24. You are completely on your own. Use your head. Watch for and yield to all traffic. All roads are open to public traffic. 

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