Important Course News!

Important Course News!

From Dirty Kanza Chief Gravel Officer, Jim Cummins:

Many of you have asked us for information on the 2019 Garmin Dirty Kanza routes.  While it is our policy to not release course maps and cue sheets until Memorial Day, we do recognize the need for DK participants to have some route information a bit sooner.  This will allow you and your Support Crews to adequately prepare for this grand adventure. For example, basic route info will allow riders to prepare for distances between checkpoints (how much water and food should I carry?).  This information will also assist Support Crews in planning their driving routes from checkpoint to checkpoint.

We are extremely excited about our 2019 route.  In fact, we may go so far as to say that this course could go down as our favorite of all time. It has been quite a number of years since we have ventured up north, and we are anxious to get back up into Wabaunsee County.  Some of our favorite roads are up there, including the infamous Lil Egypt Road. So without any further ado, we are pleased to share the following 2019 Dirty Kanza route information…


  • Total Distance: 201.9 Miles
  • Total Elevation: 9,450 Feet
  • Mile 64: Checkpoint One, downtown Alma, Kansas***
  • Mile 121: Neutral Water Oasis, Alta Vista, Kansas  (Support Crews NOT allowed here.)
  • Mile 151.5: Checkpoint Two, Council Grove High School, Council Grove, KS***


  • Total Distance: 105 Miles
  • Total Elevation: 3,787 Feet
  • Mile 54.8: Checkpoint One, Council Grove High School, Council Grove, KS***


  • Total Distance: 52.3 Miles
  • Total Elevation: 1,392 Feet
  • Mile 15.3: Neutral Water Oasis, Americus, Kansas (City Park)
  • Mile 40.4: Neutral Water Oasis, Americus, Kansas (City Park)

DK25 and DK High School

  • Total Distance: 27.2 Miles
  • Total Elevation: 509 Feet
  • Mile 15.3: Neutral Water Oasis, Americus, Kansas (City Park)

*** Official Checkpoints are the ONLY places where riders are allowed to meet their support crews.  For detailed information on what support crews are allowed and not allowed to do, please refer to the 2019 DK Riders Bible.  


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