Gravel City takes on Land Run 100

If you’ve been paying the least bit of attention to the Gravel scene, you have gathered that the 2017 Land Run 100 was of a particularly epic nature. Mud has come to be a given it seems, but sub-40 degree temps and an all day rain, coupled with biting North winds made this edition a gravel (mud) ride for the ages! Stats from Land Run’s own website have 165 finishing of the ~850 that braved the start line. That means about 1 in 5 (20%) that started received the coveted Bobby “Huggy Bear” Wintle Finish Line Bear Hug. 

Bobby eagerly awaits all finishers…and for that warm embrace.

Emporia, KS, and it’s Gravel City community, sent a strong contingent to Stillwater, OK for this year’s LR100. Stillwater has become a kindred spirit in this love affair with gravel. The two cycling communities have become family, sharing in the joy and camaraderie that this passion for adventure cycling brings with it. Like minded individuals, who for many years did not have much to celebrate in regards to cycling adventure. Each now with events that celebrate hardiness, perseverance, determination, and an unbreakable spirit. All qualities shared by their lovers of gravel.

Paulina and Lyn
Blake Start
Bobby, Paul, Shawn – start line

It is with that in mind, that we here at Dirty Kanza Promotions and Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. felt it necessary to do some bragging on behalf of our wonderful, amazing, just down right stupendous community of cycling family and friends! Emporia sent roughly 20 people into the foray in Stillwater, OK. All bravely took to the start line. And while we commend all that started, we give a special CHAPEAU to those that finished. It took good fortune, grit, and guts to cross that line and be called into an elite class of finishers. 13 Emporia area riders crossed that line of the 20 that started. That is a 65% finish rate for Emporia, compared to 20% of the general population.

Ryan Muddy
Paulina Muddy
Mike Marchand muddy
Reed guthrie
Kristi on course
Lyn Muddy
Joe Russell Muddy
Jim on course
Jeff Muddy
Decker on Course
Galindo on course
Honea Guthrie
Bobby Thompson Finish
Jeff Finish Smooch
Casual on Course
Jeff Finish
Cameraman David

Corey Smith

Jeff Young

Bobby Thompson

Jim Cummins

Paulina Batiz

Lyn Blubaugh

Ryan Balkenhol

Brandon Jones

Lenny Spellman

John Decker

Scott O’Mara

Adam Blake

Shawn O’Mara

Daniel Goentzel

It took good fortune, grit, and guts to cross that line and be called into an elite class of finishers.



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