GPS & Cue Sheets!!

Wait no longer! GPS routes are posted below. Long time DK followers and participants will know that this is the first year that we have provided the maps and thus GPS info prior to the race. While we are excited to do so, it is pretty critical that we remind you that no matter how you intend on navigating the course, you should have at the very least a back up plan to use the maps and cue sheets. You may exceed the life of your GPS device and as we deal with every year stakes may not remain where they were put up! With that, here are the links.

SPECIAL NOTE… Do NOT use the cue sheets associated with these GPS files, as they do not utilize current road names.  We will provide accurate cue sheets in a separate post.  Road names on our cue sheets will match the road signs that actually exist out there.

Dirty Kanza 200 GPS Route Info

Dirty Kanza Half Pint 100 GPS Route Info

Cue Sheets

Dirty Kanza 200 Cue Sheets

Half Pint 100 Cue Sheets

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