Get Your Training On!

Get Your Training On!

It is no secret that you need to come to the Dirty Kanza 200 well prepared. Whether you’re doing the Half-Pint 100 or are in it for the full 200, there is very little chance of faking your way through it. The relentless wind and endless hills take no prisoners. It takes the kind of stamina and mental toughness that can only come from preparation.

So my point is this; we are thrilled to offer you a chance to join us the last weekend in March (28th-30th) for some much needed training. We will spend three days putting time in the saddle. And we’ll even throw in some golden nuggets of knowledge along the way. Not too mention the great camaraderie you’ll get by hanging out with old riding buddies and making new friends. While the details can be found on our training camp page, I wanted to expand on some things you can expect to experience at our camp.

  • Ridin’ – I can’t say it enough. We will be riding bikes. Expect to get over 200 miles in just three days. That’s a pretty solid block and will have you well on your way to a successful DK showing, whatever your goals for the race are. Our experienced ride guides will be on hand to assist and keep you pushing throughout the route. That means we’re prepared to go at multiple speeds to accommodate everyone in the group. Remember, you must maintain a 10mph avg. to avoid the cutoffs at DK and we aim to do the same. And while there will be options to bailout or take the shortcut home in the most dire of situations, we hope that you’re prepared to go the full distance at camp in order to make sure you can finish on race day. Oh, and did I mention we will be taking you on some of the toughest roads the DK route has to offer? You’ll get to recon some of the roughest roads in the Flint Hills, which will allow you to test your equipment on the terrain and give you a leg up come race day.
    • We will give you the routes in advance of camp so you can plug them in to GPS units. In addition, we will provide maps that you should be prepared to use whether you have a GPS or not. Anything could happen! And while our ride guides won’t let you wander astray, you won’t have that luxury on race day. So learn to be self sufficient and not rely on the masses.
  • Learnin’ – There’s a lot more that goes into a successful Dirty Kanza campaign and I will acknowledge that does include a bit of luck. But, there’s also much you can do to have yourself and your steed as prepared as possible. So, to that end we want to share our wealth of knowledge on the subject. After all, some of us here at DK HQ have been grinding the gravel since long before it was the cool thing to do!
    • Bike Setup – With none other than DK Founder Jim Cummins and the Adventure Monkey himself, Eric Benjamin. These two guys know better than most the best way to set up your bike for the long haul. You did remember you’ll need to carry lot’s of water and food right? We can’t stress it enough: The Flint Hills are remote! They’ll show you the best bags, gadgets, and every trick in the book they’ve learned to make your rig as light and efficient as possible while carrying all the necessities.
    • Bike Maintenance – As the saying goes, um…’Stuff’ Happens. Namely flats. After all, this is arrowhead country. But, beyond that there are a number of things that could befall your bike while out on the road. And we would hate for that to end your day. Most of those can be fixed with a little know how. Let our expert mechanics show you the best and quickest ways to keep you and your bike rolling down the road.
    • Training – There’s only one thing left to do and that is fine tune the engine, which is you! Even after camp you’ll need to keep up the training. We’ll give you some pointers on what we recommend if you don’t already have a great plan worked out for yourself. And most importantly we want to make sure you know what to fuel yourself with. The guys at GU Energy Labs put out some of the best goods on the market. And they’re our product of choice. It’s what you’ll find at all our camp aid stations and will be provided with if you sign up for our Support Crew-for-Hire program. Knowing what to eat, how much and when can be a bit of a mystery sometimes with all the different products out there. We’ll point you in the right direction so you can avoid the dreaded bonk on race day.
We don’t want this to be you!

I hope that helps give you an idea of what you’d be in for. Remember, full details can be found on our Training Camp Page and should you have any questions just ask away via our contact page.


Late breaking info!!! Tis the season and we are feeling the Christmas spirit deep in our bones here at DK Central. Lot’s of things to be jolly about and we want to spread the cheer to all of you. If you sign up for camp starting now until Midnight Christmas Eve, we will knock 10% off the sticker price! Whether it’s a Christmas gift for a loved one or to good ol’ numero uno it’s a good chance to get a little extra savings on an already amazing weekend!

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