Every day hero…Ian Tubbs

Every day hero…Ian Tubbs

A great day on the bike and a well-executed plan make for great stories. Read Ian Tubb’s story as featured in Cyclocross Magazine – and congrats on a great day on the bike, Mr. Tubbs!

“As I was coming out of campus and onto the finish stretch they were still only about six or seven seconds ahead, so I started sprinting as soon as the road straightened out. I got a few pedal strokes in before Geoff jumped Mat. He got a good jump on him, and Mat sat up. I was going full speed at this point so I was able to get by Mat, and I was closing on Geoff pretty quickly. With how small the finish corral is though we had to get off the gas well before the finish line. I’m not saying I would have caught him but it would have been closer!”

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