ESU Senior Art Show: Yejung Park

Yejung Park

Emporia State University

Hello! I am Yejung Park, a senior graphic design student at Emporia State University. I brand identity of the fictional coffee shop, Wisdom Forest, for my senior show. Branding identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging to create a reputation of a brand. Wisdom Forest is a library-like cafe that offers books and coffee beverages for people.

Whenever I designed a logo, the color was one of the critical elements. Navy blue represents intelligence, stability, and conservatism. By contrast, Pink represents youth, playful, and charming. These two oppositional colors embody the characteristics of a book cafe, which is sedate but vibrant.

These images explain how the logo designed and the choice of color scheme and typography.

Website is essential to business, whether it’s big or small. I designed a clean and simple website to introduce the story of the brand, location, menu, and merchandise.

Please follow this link:

to explore the website I designed!

Merchandising is important to attract customers and increase brand loyalty. I designed a mug, t-shirts, tote bag, postcard, and bookmark for customers to collect or present the items.

These are the inspirational quotes of Wisdom Forest. “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”-Stephen King

“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.”-George R. R. Martin

Thank you for your interest in my senior project. Your attention and love supported me to grow more as a graphic designer!

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