ESU Senior Art Show: Ran Gu

Ran Gu

Emporia State University

Hello everyone, I am Gu Ran, a graphic design student from ESU. This is my graduation design. Its main content is about travel in China. In this project, I chose 12 very popular tourist cities in China. This project includes the design of the city and the display of surrounding products. Although we cannot travel in this special period, I hope by browsing this project, you will be more looking forward to traveling to China. If you have the opportunity to travel to China, I also hope that my design can help you.

This is the overall logo. The overall shape of the logo is the word “go”. Its design idea is composed of highways, signal lights and Chinese traditional patterns of auspicious clouds. A total of 3 fonts are used throughout the project, including Chinese and English.

The next few days were all about Deliverables. Today we are showing brochures for 12 tourist cities in China, as well as postcard and sticker designs for the project.

I used the calendar to design the specific tourism characteristics and buildings of the 12 cities as a whole because the calendar is a very practical item in daily life. January and February are Beijing and Kaifeng. Beijing is the capital of China. It has undergone the replacement of China’s five dynasties. In the past eight centuries of China, almost all major buildings in Beijing have an indelible historical significance. Kaifeng is located in the central part of China and is the birthplace of the Central Plains culture. Its history of building cities and capitals for more than 4,100 years is represented by the Song Dynasty culture and Song Dynasty architecture.

March and April are Qingdao and Chengdu. Qingdao is a coastal city in eastern China. Mountain and sea are the biggest features of Qingdao. Due to the influence of German culture, in addition to the original Chinese architecture, Qingdao also retains many German-style buildings. Chengdu is located in central and eastern China, and it is suitable for tourism all year round. Chili is a characteristic of Chengdu cuisine, and Chengdu is also the hometown of the Chinese national treasure Panda.

May and June are Guangzhou and Shanghai. Guangzhou is a famous port city in China. Cantonese dim sum is one of the most famous traditional Chinese cuisines. Not only it has historic buildings, but it also has a chain of modern entertainment facilities. Shanghai has a distinctive Haipai culture. It left many European-style buildings with distinctive features during the concession period. Walking on the Bund in Shanghai is like entering a small European world.

July and August are Wuhan and Changsha. Wuhan culture is based on the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Acrobatics, Chu embroidery, and other crafts are all representative cultures of Wuhan. Wuhan is also the favorite place for ancient Chinese poets to gather. Changsha is the base of the Chinese revolution. Many ancient works of art were unearthed in Changsha. The Changsha Museum is one of the must-visit Chinese history museums.

September and October are Suzhou and Harbin. Suzhou is a representative of cities in southern China, and Suzhou has become a famous tourist resort with its garden art and the style of the Jiangnan water village. Harbin is located in the southeast of China. Ice and snow are the characteristics of Harbin. The ice sculpture cultural festival is held every winter to feel the unique beauty of Harbin in the cold.

November and December are Xi’an and Taipei. The terracotta warriors and horses unearthed in Xi’an helped people all over the world know Xi’an, and the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty in China was also the capital of Xi’an. If you want to understand the history of these two dynasties, I recommend Xi’an as your first choice to come to China. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan Province of China ’s treasure island. Taipei is a city with a slow pace of life. Here you can feel more Chinese life culture. Ride a motorcycle and slowly eat snacks on the streets of Taipei to watch the scenery, that’s really a good choice.

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