ESU Senior Art Show: Nicole Gomric

Nicole Gomric

Emporia State University

When tackling new rebranding ideas for my business, I jumped right in with a revamped logo. A successful logo is like a strong foundation, it helps construct brand identity and present a narrative. Nicole Gomric Photography represents authenticity & timelessness, so I needed a logo that would say that for me.

Pictured is my new & improved logo, fresh business cards, and an engraved USB drive that I supply clients with to keep their photographs safe! #nicolegomricphotography

The most extensive element of my senior project was creating a website to showcase my services and highlight my photographs. Web design is not my favorite, it is like a web and one missing piece can send the whole site tumbling. However, I am proud to present a platform that encompasses my mission at a photographer and what I love!

Pictured is several screenshots, but I promise the images don’t do it justice! Please, go give it a look and let me know what you think! #nicolegomricphotography

Being an artist and a business owner is a whole lot of work that comes with a whole lot of housekeeping. When it comes to keeping the office clean, organization is KEY. That’s why I knew I needed to create a solid set of tools to make communication between myself & clients as easy as possible.

Pictured is several contracts I use to communicate with my lovely clients in the easiest way possible. Additionally, there are forms I provide to them, such as a Print Release to guarantee easy printing later. #nicolegomricphotography

Photography is a gift that keeps on giving, even years down the road. It can take you right back to the moment like waves on nostalgia.

Pictured is a gift certificate I created for future clients. I have also included a glimpse of what my wedding clients will be receive leading up to their big day! I designed a visual timeline template for Brides & Grooms who can distribute it to wedding party members. It will help provide assurance and easy nervous minds. #nicolegomricphotography

I wanted to create a planning guide to provide wedding clients who have a million questions. I designed this magazine to showcase some of my favorite wedding shots and provide clarity!

Pictured is several pages from my 24-page Wedding Magazine that will be produced and supplied to individuals who inquire about my collections via PDF. I’m excited to have an easy-to-digest informational packet to provide clients! #nicolegomricphotography
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