Congrats to all!

Congrats to all!

The theme for the 2016 Edition of Dirty Kanza was “Find Your Limit”. Our hope was that Dirty Kanza would provide you, as a DK participant, an opportunity to test yourself… and to discover that your personal “limit” resides in a place much farther down the road than you first thought. In other words, we hoped to provide a stage from which you could launch your own journey filled with self discovery and personal growth. We are happy to say we think we succeeded. Here are just a few statistics…

A total of 944 of you lined up on the Dirty Kanza 200 starting line. Of those, 553 of you completed the entire 206 miles. That is a finish rate of 58.6%. Amazing! Likewise, a total of 559 of you took the starting line for the DK100 Half Pint. Of those, 469 completed the 100 mile course. That is a finish rate of 84%. Awesome! In addition, we were joined by nearly 300 in the DK50, and another 106 in the DK20 Community Fun Ride. That’s a total of over 1,900 courageous adventurers.

Over the past few days, many of you have shared with us your post-event thoughts. We always appreciate hearing from you, and cherish each of your emails. Here are just a few samples of the great comments from our amazing riders…

“I came in less than 5 minutes from the 3 O’Clock cutoff and there you were to shake my hand like you had for the true winners of the day. It was truly a monumental moment and the respect was unbelievable. This whole race was really a class act and I was proud to be part of it.”

“I really want to say thank you for setting up the community ride. I was able to ride with my daughter which was awesome. To see her experience the gravel, mud, and fun of 10+ miles in the community fun ride was worth it. She already is talking about next year which is what the DK is all about.”

“Thanks for putting on such an amazing, epic event. I wasn’t able to finish this year, but that was my fault for coming in ill–prepared. What I would like to share is just how amazing the ranchers and other people out on that course were. There are so many I should thank: Those in Jeeps and Gators patrolling those gravel roads. The little girl who gave me a flower just before Eureka. The people of Emporia who go all in on such an epic event. And, of course, the volunteers and staff of Dirty Kanza Promotions who put all the time and energy in making such a magical event happen. No one can fake a Dirty Kanza finish. And only the toughest survive to the finish. Even with my DNF I still had a great time. The scenery and topography of the Flint Hills is other-worldly beautiful. So I’ll be back to ride some more of your gravel soon.”

“Thank you and all your crew, volunteers and the city of Emporia for another unbelievable event. I have been very fortunate to finish the 100 mi event this year and last year. These events were so meaningful to me – I learned so much about myself and actually what one can accomplish, after one is pretty sure there is nothing left in the tank! These two events were such special spiritual journeys that will never be forgotten.”

So there you have it. The 2016 Dirty Kanza is a wrap. Thanks to the Emporia (KS) community. Thanks to our great sponsors. And thanks to our amazing participants. We stand in awe of your courage and your fortitude. Here’s to many more adventures. And remember to always “Find Your Limit”.

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