We sometimes take for granted that it takes a village to pull off something like the Dirty Kanza 200. The countless volunteers that work to make it happen and the openness of Emporians to welcome a bunch of spandex clad crazies to our town! We’re proud of this town and we are all happy to share it with others and show you just why we think riding bikes (and living) in this area is something special. And sadly enough, that is a rare quality in a community. Not everyone is so willing to open up their countryside to the outside world. Opting instead to keep it all to themselves. Even in more storied cycling destinations.

We are happy to report, however, that Emporia is not alone when it comes to unrolling the welcoming mat in a big way when it comes to Gravel Grinding in particular. Stillwater, OK has become a booming gravel town. As with most places it begins with the motivation and enthusiasm of the local bike shop. In this case we have the fine folks at District Bicycles to thank for that.


It needs more than that though. A strong community of cyclists willing to invest the time required to turn a hobby into a passion. Enter the Stillwater Gravel Grinders. A beautiful website for a cycling club if we do say so ourselves. And the flattery of a DK200 Registration Party hosted by the aforementioned District Bicycles doesn’t hurt! And finally, it helps to give the public a goal in which to get out the door and ride those bikes of ours. Something worth focusing our energy on that forces us to see just what it is we are made of. Thanks to District Bicycles, Stillwater has the Land Run 100. A brilliant 107 mile gravel race on March 15th with a 55 mile tour option. Registration is still open for this event.  So, for all you gravel groups out there, thank you for doing what you do and continuing to perpetuate this gravel fixation of ours. Make sure the Land Run on March 15th and the Dirty Kanza 200 on May 31st are at the top of your list in 2014!

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