Bazaar Cattle Pens Get A Face Lift

Bazaar Cattle Pens Get A Face Lift

Yesterday Jim and myself had the opportunity to join the grand opening ceremonies of the newly renovated Bazaar Cattle Pens (and what better way than to travel by bike!?). The Cattle Pens have always been an interesting place to visit. One of the better viewing spots along the Kansas Turnpike, it never really afforded people good access. In fact, it was never really clear if one was meant to get off given the confusing and completely out of date exits. But, that has all since been improved. The Bazaar Cattle Pens have been made into a bona fide viewing point along the Kansas Turnpike.

This is of great importance to us here at Dirty Kanza as we are an advocate for responsible use and viewing of the Flint Hills. Preservation of such an awe inspiring landscape, rich with history and heritage, does not simply mean setting aside to avoid destruction. It also means respectful and responsible interaction with a place so remote and rugged that is ripe with subtle beauty. It is in this setting that we can be reminded of nature’s importance in our lives. Those of us that have ridden in a Dirty Kanza understand that. Having a viewing destination such as this gives our motorist friends an opportunity to take a momentary break from their travels and enjoy the splendor of this beautiful Prairie as well. We owe many thanks to the folks that have made opportunities such as these a reality.




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