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Gain guaranteed entry into the 2020 GARMIN DK through our OFFICIAL Charity Partner Program. Registering on behalf of one of our official charity partners not only guarantees you a spot in the 2020 race, but also provides you the opportunity to make an impact in the community.

We hand-selected our charity partners for 2020 and are proud to be associated with 3 groups that make a direct impact to the Emporia and cycling community.


Each charity participant is required to pay or fundraise for the charity of their choice from the below partners. This cost also includes your guaranteed spot in the 2020 race, and your registration and service fees. Charity spots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To redeem your entry, contact the charity and make payment. Then, use your designated code provided by the charity to complete your registration for the 2020 race.

*Please note, minimum donation is subject to charity discretion. Contact the charity using the email listed below for exact fundraising requirements and deadlines.



Receive an entry into The DK and help get More Kids on Bikes! Joining the NICA Kansas League at the DK in 2020 means not only adding more meaning to your race but also being a part of a larger team to help build strong minds, bodies, character and communities through cycling. The NICA Kansas League is one of 31 states to offer organized cycling adventures to students from 6th grade through 12th grade. Proceeds from your donation will go directly to empowering youth to be a part of a thriving and engaged cycling community! You will need to raise or donate $2,750 in exchange for your entry into the race and the reward will be all the bigger with the added list of amenities below. Space is limited, contact us today! More info here!

Contact: Curt Shelman



World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. We are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive.Joining World Bicycle Relief at DK means not only adding more meaning to your race but also being a part of a larger team, out there to take on the distance and challenge of the what DK has to offer. You will be required to raise $2,940 (20 Buffalo Bikes) in exchange for your slot into the race but the reward will be all the bigger. Visit

Contact: Claire



Mission: We help children live healthy, happy lives. Our grants allow school partners implement sustainable approaches to serving wholesome and nourishing food to their students. We have given grants to 700 schools, serving 380,000 children, and 61 million meals.  100% of all proceeds raised will go directly to the mission we serve, because Life Time, Inc. covers all administrative expenses.  All donations will directly serve Emporia Public Schools.  For further information on Life Time Foundation please visit:

Contact: Barb Koch

(952) 229-7243


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All Life Time, Inc (Life Time) events and activities are subject to changes, alterations, and/or elimination in Life Time’s sole discretion as it evaluates and works to provide a safe event for all participants.