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An update from HQ in Emporia

It has been a reflective, busy, and productive past few weeks out here in Gravel City, USA. This opportunity has moved our team to tackle new challenges. Even with all the obstacles, it has also been intense and exciting. We are continuing to learn and grow, and we fully understand that this journey is not over. We’d like to share where we are currently in the process of rebranding… Continue Reading

Statement from Kaw Nation Chairwoman Lynn Williams

Myself and members of the Kaw Nation Tribal Council appreciated the time your team took to come meet with us concerning the rebranding of the DK race. As was stated, in recent months the voice of the people concerning the name of the race has been a topic of discussion, especially among our elders. We respectfully asked that the name be changed to dissolve the connection to our people,… Continue Reading

2020 Event Status Update

Gravel Family, It’s no secret that our team has been working through a lot these last few weeks. We’ve been diligently listening and learning in order to find Our Way Forward. While the recent events have certainly been a huge focus for us, we have also been working through our fast-approaching September 12th event postponement date, and the implications hosting a large-scale event in Emporia during the COVID-19 pandemic could… Continue Reading

Our Way Forward

We are on our way forward. This is our chance to do better and be better, and we are all in. You have been waiting to hear from us. We have been working hard. We are listening and learning. Over the next 12 weeks, we commit to creating change, in who we are and in what we represent. And we plan to bring you along on this journey. Our… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Yejung Park

Yejung Park Emporia State University Hello! I am Yejung Park, a senior graphic design student at Emporia State University. I brand identity of the fictional coffee shop, Wisdom Forest, for my senior show. Branding identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging to create a reputation of a brand. Wisdom Forest is a library-like cafe that offers books and coffee beverages for people. Whenever I designed a logo, the… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Liam Kampsen

Liam Kampsen Emporia state university Senior Graphic Design Major Liam Kampsen (@lkcreates) gives us the run down on what he wanted to achieve with the series of work he created for his senior exhibition. Join us this week as he demonstrates the options of digital design aided by 3D printing. Layer One logo and 3D printed business cards created by Senior Graphic Design Major Liam Kampsen (@lkcreates). Logo and… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Ran Gu

Ran Gu Emporia State University Hello everyone, I am Gu Ran, a graphic design student from ESU. This is my graduation design. Its main content is about travel in China. In this project, I chose 12 very popular tourist cities in China. This project includes the design of the city and the display of surrounding products. Although we cannot travel in this special period, I hope by browsing this… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Nicole Gomric

Nicole Gomric Emporia State University When tackling new rebranding ideas for my business, I jumped right in with a revamped logo. A successful logo is like a strong foundation, it helps construct brand identity and present a narrative. Nicole Gomric Photography represents authenticity & timelessness, so I needed a logo that would say that for me. Pictured is my new & improved logo, fresh business cards, and an engraved… Continue Reading

An Open Letter from Life Time and the Kaw Nation to the Gravel Cycling Community

An Open Letter from Life Time and the Kaw Nation to the Gravel Cycling Community 04-20-2020 This open letter is in direct response to recent activities on social media and elsewhere, which are designed to bring discredit to the Dirty Kanza event and force a change to the event name. Statements recently shared by certain individuals and media outlets have been ill-informed at best, and outright untruthful at worst.… Continue Reading

Dirty Kanza Virtual Camp

We’ve all been right there with you in the craziness of COVID-19 and the changing landscape we all are in together. You may or may not know that our Garmin Dirty Kanza presented by Salsa Training Camps have been canceled. And while we made that tough decision for the safety of all of us, we here in E-town can tell you that we felt the wind come out of… Continue Reading

Our 3/17/2020 Message on COVID-19

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the current COVID-19 situation. The health and safety of our participants, volunteers, community and team members is our top priority as we continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation on a global, national, regional and local level. At this time it is still our goal to host the 2020 Garmin Dirty Kanza in May. Our team is constantly monitoring updates from the… Continue Reading

Journey(wo)man: A Beginner Rider’s 100 Mile Story – Finding Winter Motivation

Journey(wo)man: A Beginner Rider’s 100 Mile Story Finding Winter Motivation Real talk: I’d be lying if I started this off saying I’ve been training my very hardest in the lead up to my first 100 miler, now just 5 weeks away. This is my first winter being a “cyclist” and truthfully the colder-and-snowier-than-normal Colorado winter has affected my expected motivation to spend time on the bike outside.    When… Continue Reading

The spirit of GRAVEL

The spirit of GRAVEL

There are so many conversations circling this – what it the spirit of gravel? SOOO many words to share around this very topic, and the passion from us all can often gets the best of us, turning conversations into passionate, heated debate. There are a few things we know though – sharing gravel roads with friends, old and new, can be healing and uplifting. Grabbing a post-ride beverage after… Continue Reading

Garmin Dirty Kanza 2020 Registration is OPEN!

Garmin Dirty Kanza 2020 Registration is OPEN!

It’s finally time to put your name in for the 2020 Garmin Dirty Kanza. Topping our 2019 event will be tricky, but we can’t wait to show you all that we have in store for this year. Riding, cheering, volunteering, supporting – we want you in Emporia for DK week. Mark your calendars for May 28 – 31! Registration will be open from January 6, 8am CST to January… Continue Reading

All Things Gravel Expo – Join Us!

All Things Gravel Expo – Join Us!

Are you interested in joining us for the All Things Gravel Expo? With our expanded space for 2020, we’ve got room for you to join the party and interact with gravel lovers and fans from around the world. The Expo has seen continued growth over the past several years and is known as a “not to miss” with great value and tons of visitors. The DKXL start line takes… Continue Reading

#Journeyto100 – Dirty Kanza Women’s Camp

Michelle Duffy is on a journey – a journey to ride the Dirty Kanza 100. She is documenting and sharing her story for all to read, as part of the Life Time Women Ride the World initiative, with the hopes that her honesty and vulnerability will help others decide to take on a challenge for themselves. She’s being mentored along the way with the help of Salsa Cycles Ambassador,… Continue Reading

Thinking BIG? Like 350 BIG?

Thinking BIG? Like 350 BIG?

Greetings from DK Land! We’ve got news that those of you thinking EXTRA LARGE need to know! Dirty Kanza Extra Large opens at 8am CST on December 1 and will remain open through December 8, 11:59pm. This will be year 3 for this ultra challenge, and a new course has been fully explored and vetted. “DKXL is Dirty Kanza, taken back to the very basics of gravel. It’s long.… Continue Reading

Meet the DK Coaches

Train with Intention! Preparing for the Dirty Kanza requires an intentional approach, targeting various energy systems and building your form and fitness to ‘peak’ at the right time. Unlike a generic training plan, personal coaching with our expert cycling coaches will help you to take advantage of your strengths, while improving your areas of weakness. Training plans are constantly updated and modified to fit your progress, as well as… Continue Reading

Journey(wo)man – A Beginner Rider’s 100 Mile Story – An Introduction

Journey(wo)man – A Beginner Rider’s 100 Mile Story An Introduction “Hi my name is Michelle and I’m a beginner cyclist.”  I’m on a quest to gravel grind through a 100-mile race in less than a year of riding. Why? Well, a multitude of reasons.  Former runner with bad knees looking for a new way to get my endurance fix. To figure out why it’s so gosh darn hard and… Continue Reading

DKXL Camp is OPEN!

DKXL Camp is OPEN!

“…what I love about the camps is the relationships I’ve developed and watching people grow.” – Anthony Casarona The first ever Dirty Kanza XL Camp is open! One of the first athletes to sign up was Anthony Casarona, and we are stoked to have Casarona back for another Kansas visit. He’s had a ton of success with Dirty Kanza 200, been to several DK camps and when we saw… Continue Reading

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