2020 Garmin DK Virtual Camp Presented By Salsa Cycles

We are STOKED to offer our first ever DK Virtual Camp. For 4 days, April 2nd-5th, all camp programming, including the hours of rides along Emporia’s finest flint, will be made virtual.  Consider this a bit of “behind the scenes” of DK and Emporia, and get a look at some of the craziness, in addition to great training tips from so many amazing folks.
These times are tough. It’s an emotional roller coaster for sure. But we are endurance athletes – we can go the distance. We are also a family and a community. With the cancelation of the 2020 Garmin DK Spring Camps, we were faced with a new challenge…. and with that, we are excited to announce our 2020 DK Virtual Training Camp. We have put our heads together and reached out to our partners and gravel community. The result? A creative way for us to spend four days to help you focus on preparing your mind, body, and machine for the rigors of the DK and other epic gravel endeavors. You’ll get some great tips on bike maintenance and nutrition. You’ll laugh as we share some light-hearted takeaways from the local Emporia Community and DK alumni. We aim to provide you with a great way to spend this extended weekend, when other things may be difficult.

All sessions are in central time

Thursday, April 2nd

9am Virtual Meeting with the Dk Team + What To Expect

10am Registration Opens

3pm Local Businesses Say Hello

4pm Finding Your Why With Multi-Time Champ Rebecca Rusch

5pm Cooking with Jim Cummins and Emily Akradi

6pm Training Indoors With Saris and Doctor Allen Lim 

6pm Training Indoors With Saris and Doctor Allen Lim 

7pm Happy Hour with Ali Tetrick- Ali Phones Her Friends While Bored

Friday, April 3rd

Lesson 1 Fit Chick’s Strength Moves to Crush Gravel

Lesson 2 Day 1 Ride Plan

10am On Course Footage- Rolling In The Flint Hills

1pm Adjusting Your Training For Stress

2pm Payson

2:30pm Tire Selection, Setup, and Race Day Tips Presented by Maxxis

3:30pm Emporia Community

5pm Bike Fixes with GCAS and Aaron Apel

6:30pm What Diry Kanza Means To Us

Saturday, April 4th

Lesson 1 Day 2 Ride Plan

1pm Injury Prevention with Hannah Finchamp

2pm DK ‘How To’ with Matt Acker, by Salsa Cycles

3pm The Reigning DK Champ Shares His Tips and Tricks

4pm So What’s This Gravel Thing About? A Beginner’s Chat, Presented by Women Ride The World

5pm Power Hour with GU Energy Labs

6pm Drunk Trivia with the DK Team

Sunday, April 5th

Lesson 1 Day 3 Ride Plan

1pm Body Care & Comfort with Amanda Nauman and Curt Shelman

2pm “Under Pressure” with Shimano’s Nick Legan

3pm Hydration Pack Setup for DK Success

4pm An Afternoon with the Emporia Community

5pm Final Words


Can I access the camp information any time?  YES. After the camp weekend, all of the information will live on the DK Virtual Camp Platform for you to be able to access when it is convenient for you! Soooo… a pj party, a cocktail hour, a 3am “I can’t sleep” session – it’s all good. You can watch when it works for you. 

During the virtual camp (4/2 – 4/5), information and the schedule for each day will be available starting the morning of, in order to ensure there’s a feeling of “joining your fellow campers at camp” each day. Additional assets and resources will be available the entire time.

What do I need to participate?   For the best camp experience, you should have access to good WiFI, FaceBook, Instagram, and a Strava account to log your rides (virtual or real life – or documentation of completion). HOWEVER, all the DK Virtual Camp sessions will be available on the platform – some of the live sessions will just be placed in the platform a bit later.

We also have a FaceBook DK Virtual Camp Group set up – feel free to join to connect with each other there as well! 

How do the rides work?   This part is pretty simple, and pretty old school. Our coach, Kristen Legan, is providing suggested rides for you each day. She has also taken into consideration riding during stress. Because the body doesn’t distinguish the different type of stresses it is under, she has provided insight on riding to keep base fitness in place as well as the longer types of rides for bigger races, like DK. Please use your best judgement as to what fits you with where you are. And, as we all live in various places throughout the world, she has also suggested ride times if an indoor training ride is your best option right now.

How does this help the Emporia community?  Emporia is an integral part of DK. With a population of 26,000, the COVID-19 pandemic is proving stressful for the small businesses on our Commercial Street – home of the DK start and finish line. We will be contributing a portion of camp fees back to the Lyon County Disaster Relief Fund, earmarked for these businesses. Many of these businesses also have products you can buy from them on-line. Please feel free to reach out to them on their websites or social media.

Still have questions?   Email Treva at dkinfo@lt.life


You can register anytime! Didn’t sign up Thursday, April 2? No biggie – join us and catch up! 

Reg fee: $10

A portion of all entry fees will be given to local Emporia businesses, who need us more than ever right now!

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