ESU Senior Art Show: Yejung Park

Yejung Park Emporia State University Hello! I am Yejung Park, a senior graphic design student at Emporia State University. I brand identity of the fictional coffee shop, Wisdom Forest, for my senior show. Branding identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging to create a reputation of a brand. Wisdom Forest is a library-like cafe that offers books and coffee beverages for people. Whenever I designed a logo, the… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Liam Kampsen

Liam Kampsen Emporia state university Senior Graphic Design Major Liam Kampsen (@lkcreates) gives us the run down on what he wanted to achieve with the series of work he created for his senior exhibition. Join us this week as he demonstrates the options of digital design aided by 3D printing. Layer One logo and 3D printed business cards created by Senior Graphic Design Major Liam Kampsen (@lkcreates). Logo and… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Ran Gu

Ran Gu Emporia State University Hello everyone, I am Gu Ran, a graphic design student from ESU. This is my graduation design. Its main content is about travel in China. In this project, I chose 12 very popular tourist cities in China. This project includes the design of the city and the display of surrounding products. Although we cannot travel in this special period, I hope by browsing this… Continue Reading

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