2020 Event Status Update

Gravel Family, It’s no secret that our team has been working through a lot these last few weeks. We’ve been diligently listening and learning in order to find Our Way Forward. While the recent events have certainly been a huge focus for us, we have also been working through our fast-approaching September 12th event postponement date, and the implications hosting a large-scale event in Emporia during the COVID-19 pandemic could… Continue Reading

Our Way Forward

We are on our way forward. This is our chance to do better and be better, and we are all in. You have been waiting to hear from us. We have been working hard. We are listening and learning. Over the next 12 weeks, we commit to creating change, in who we are and in what we represent. And we plan to bring you along on this journey. Our… Continue Reading

ESU Senior Art Show: Yejung Park

Yejung Park Emporia State University Hello! I am Yejung Park, a senior graphic design student at Emporia State University. I brand identity of the fictional coffee shop, Wisdom Forest, for my senior show. Branding identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging to create a reputation of a brand. Wisdom Forest is a library-like cafe that offers books and coffee beverages for people. Whenever I designed a logo, the… Continue Reading

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